New book coming soon!

WHITEWASHED: One Family’s Struggle to Keep Intact Its Ethnic Heritage in an Unaccepting World

Some great news I wanted to share with everyone! I’ve been working on a book about our family! All of the material in my blog is included..but there’s going to be so much more about important topics concerning our genealogy and heritage. I came up with the title of the book quite some time ago, but it’s time to share it with you all! The title of this first volume I am writing is: “WHITEWASHED: One Family‚Äôs Struggle to Keep Intact Its Ethnic Heritage In an Unaccepting World.” I am proud to announce that my amazingly talented, Emmy-award winning graphic-artist cousin Jack Adkins, helped to make my vision of the title a reality! Many thanks, Jack! To complement the book, there will be logo products available soon!