Dorene Soiret has been conducting research into her family genealogy since the early 1980s.  She has a special interest in her maternal family line.   Her family roots run deep in Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.  Maternal family surnames (direct family line descent):  Adkins, Bromley, Cornstalk Dameron/Damron, Drake, Franklin, Hatfield, Jarrell, Lucas, McComas, McCoy, Murray, Owens, Parker, Row(e), See, Shelton and Vanderpool.

Dorene is a confirmed member of the Adkins family and she’s here to set the record straight about Bluesky Cornstalk and Parker Adkins — the REAL STORY as passed down unchanged in our family from generation to generation for 250 years.

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  1. hello, my name is antonette stewart , and i have been doing my childrens family research for at least 30 years now.my children’s father is related to chief cornstalk , chief cornstalk is his fifth great grandfather. i would like to thank you for sharing all this and the hard work you have done.

  2. love reading this. I too am running into the Charity/Randolph ,Parker/Bluesky in my Family tree……you have been so helpful in getting things straight with the resources you have posted thank you for that

  3. I am extensively searching my heritage and I am a descendent of Elizabeth Parker, Sherrod Adkins, Charity, Chief Cornstalk, Owens, Bowens, Keziah, Hezekiah, Elijah…I could go on and on. There are so many, my trees can’t even keep up. I am also of Cherokee descent. I just need some help, I think.

  4. Hi! My father was adopted in 1935, I found his biological father who was Ray Vernon Adkins. A direct descendant of Mary Bluesky and Parker Adkins. I happen to stumble on your website and have read some of your blog. It is very interesting and I love learning about the family that I should have had.

    • Hi, Dana! I am happy to hear you are enjoying the information ;). Welcome to the family! We have a BIG and really wonderful family. I hope you get to know more of us!

  5. Good Evening, I think you are so amazing and the hard work of diligent research seems to be a special gift you possess! I too am connected to this line through William & Elizabeth Adkins. Parker Adkins was the brother of my 6th GGrandmother Anna Adkins b 1710. Now I am a novice and I have such a respect for people who stick with the program until they’re completely satisfied they’ve carried it as far as they can. Another thing that fascinates me is I think you may have said your were raised in W.Va….my mother who just passed recently was from Beckly. But my ancestors from Tennessee and North Carolina.
    My mother was the first in our extended family to move from the south to Penna in the 1930″s. I have my trees on Ancestry and feel they need improvement. I myself had my DNA tested and Native American did not show up. But my first cousin did through 23 & me in 2018 and she showed 3 %. I have photos of 2 of my ggreat grandmas & it’s plain as day they are Native American. I documented their lines, marriages, etc back to some fascinating people in our history, My GGreat grandma looked like an Indian in white man’s clothes.lol On another branch I just discovered my direct lineage to Abigail Raven Canoe. She married my 4th GGrandpa Charles B Roark. Jane Roark their descendant was my 2nd GGrandma.
    I also just uploaded my DNA to gedmatch yesterday. Honestly I feel like your stories are mine too…..Everyone always asked me if I was an Indian in my youth whenever I got a tan. But these days I am very pale because I’m cautious with the sun especially at my age. So they now say “You look like a white Indian !” Hahahaha.
    I wish you all the success with the next part of this big dynamic adventure we are all on together!

    Warmest Regards,

    • Good Evening, Philene.

      Thank you for the nice compliments! I really do love researching and learning more about our family. I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying it too. Stick with it and you will continue to improve with more experience. It is great to hear that you uploaded your DNA to GEDmatch. You will love it. There are lots of great tools to utilize there. Don’t be intimidated. If you don’t know how to use some of the tools, you can find great tutorials on YouTube. Thank you for taking the time to share some of your story with me.

      Take good care.

      • I need to tell you that you are a beautiful radiant soul, inwardly and outwardly. Also I really admire that you post creative endeavors of family on this site. I really am grateful to see how you use this platform for the benefit of so many. Loved the man who played the Native American flute……Well Done!

  6. Hello, my name is Talya Parsons. I am a direct descendant of Kesiah on my maternal side. I am planning to have my DNA tested(I have the kit ordered) from Ancestry.com. My paternal great great great grandmother was supposedly full Native American and I would love to find out .

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