I have decided to create a page devoted to exploring the origins of the various indigenous populations contained in my family’s DNA. It is clear that my enormous family is in a unique position to help geneticists, anthropologists and archaeologists learn and understand more about the origins of Paleo-Americans, the peopling of the continent, patterns of indigenous migration and, perhaps, evidence of elaborate trade networks or all of the above.

We are unique in that the DNA of my family and those families with whom they intermarried have been confined to what might be best described as a closed, isolated area from the mid- to late 1600s (in several instances earlier — of course not including the indigenous lines of my family who were here, obviously, much earlier) until at least the 1960s.

I can most certainly say that my ancestors’ Native American and aboriginal DNA can be found from Alaska, down to the tip of South America and from Australia to Polynesia. Also, it is very important to mention that and we have incredibly strong archaic DNA matches which include, among many others, Ust-Ishim, Siberia, 45ky; Mal’ta, Siberia, 24 ky; Clovis Montana, 12.5 ky and Kennewick, USA, 8.3 ky.

This page is a work in progress, so I shall build it and share as I go…